In November 2005, the initiative of the City of Slavonski Brod and Brodsko-Posavska County came up to establish a College of Slavonski Brod.


On July 12th , 2006, the National Council for Higher Education made a proposal to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia to issue a work permit for the College of Slavonski Brod.
On September 28th, 2006, by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 108/2006) College of Slavonski Brod was established.
On October 16th, 2006, the temporary Board Council and the temporary dean doc.dr.sc. Antun Stoić of the College were named.
On November 20th, 2006, the temporary Statute of the College was enacted.
On December 4th, 2006, teaching activities on all professional studies of the College have started.
On December 18th, 2006, the domain www.vusb.hr. was registered.


The College of Slavonski Brod was officially opened on January 22nd, 2007!
On January 22nd, 2007, a cooperation agreement was signed between the College of Slavonski Brod and the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek.


In June 2008, life-long learning teaching lessons started at the College of Slavonski Brod.


On December 10th and 11th, 2009, the College coordinated the organization of the 1st International Scientific and Expert Conference TEAM 2009, held in Slavonski Brod, organized by the international association International TEAM Society and sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.


On March 30th, 2010, the State Secretary issued a decision approving the implementation of adult education programs, namely foreign language learning programs (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian)
On July 27th, 2010 according to the opinion of the National Council for Higher Education, the Minister of Science, Education and Sports issued a Permit to the College of Slavonski Brod for conducting a professional study of Plant Production, specialization: Farming and Horticulture.
On October 6th, 2010 the Mayor of the City of Slavonski Brod issued a Conclusion on approval to conclude the Agreement on the Use of Space at the address of Matija Gupac 24, between the City and the College, and on October 29th, 2010 concluded a Space Use Agreement for a period of three years.
On November 2nd, 2010 the implementation of the first project funded by the IPA Pre-Accession Fund, IV began. Component began.
On December 20th, 2010 the results of the Application were published in which the College received an extended Erasmus University Charter.


On March 16th, 2011 Professional study of Mechanical Engineering has received a permanent work permit.
On May 30th, 2011 the handover ceremony of the building in Gupceva Street was held.
September 23r, 2011 Professional study of Management received a permanent work permit.
On September 28th, 2011 the first five years from the establishment of the College in Slavonski Brod were celebrated.
On November 23rd-24th , 2011 The Committee for External Independent Periodic Review of the Quality Assurance System of the Agency for Science and Higher Education visited the College.


On April 26th-27th, 2012 the Re-Accreditation Committee visited the College.
On August 17th, 2012 AZVO submitted the final report of the Professional Committee in the re-accreditation process of the College of Slavonski Brod.


1st of March 2013 AZVO has, in accordance with the Law on Quality Assurance, Art. 22. paragraph 3 in the process of re-accreditation, issued an opinion, and the Minister issued a eligibility certificate for performing higher education activities.
On May 7th, 2013 a work permit has been issued by MZOS for Specialist Graduate Professional Study in Management at College of Slavonski Brod.
09.03.2013. The Municipal Court of Slavonski Brod, Land Registry Division, has positively resolved the process of ownership land registering in settlement of A. Hebrang in favor of the College (19747 m2).
17.12.2013. The College officially received an excerpt from the land register with registered ownership of 1/1 in the settlement of A. Hebrang, donated by the city of Slavonski Brod.


09.09.2014. at the 23rd session of the Board Council for the Dean of the College of Slavonski Brod was elected mr. sc. Josip Jukić for a period from October 1st 2014 till September 30th 2018.


On October 1st, 2018 the responsibility of a Dean in the period 2018-2022. has taken over by assoc. Ph.D. Krunoslav Mirosavljević.
On October 13th, 2018 Implementation of the project STEM Eco & Energetics started, under the call Internationalization of Higher Education, funded by EU funds in the amount of HRK 1,645,784.97 and lasting two years.
On October 31st, 2018 the Board Council enacted the Strategy of the College of Slavonski Brod for the period 2018-2022.
On December 10th, 2018 there was a visit and public lecture of the Minister of Finance in the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Ph.D. Zdravko Marić.


On March 26th, 2019 there was a visit and public lecture of the Ambassador of the State of Israel NJ.E.Iilana Mora.
On April 3rd, 2019 Alumni Club was established.
09. – 11. of April 2019 The College participates in the Science Festival for the first time.
On May 29th, 2019 a Program Agreement was signed with the Ministry of Science and Education for the period 2018-2022.


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