International cooperation office

International Cooperation Office stimulates internationalization and promotes the College of Slavonski Brod internationally. College of Slavonski Brod seeks to recognize all the benefits that student international mobility offers, both in terms of education and through the personal development of each individual, and for this reason encourages its students to participate in international mobility through various programs, of which the most popular and the most important is Erasmus, inherited by Erasmus +.

International Cooperation Office Staff:

  • Hrvoje Sivrić, mag.cin., Vice-dean for Development and Expert Affairs
    mob: +385 98 1625052 
  • Ivona Blažević, mag. oec., Erasmus+ coordinator
    Telefon: +385 35494445
  • Robert Benković, dipl. ing.
    Telefon: +385 35492800
  • Ivica Lacković, dipl. ing. stroj., higher lecturer
    Telefon: +385 (0)494 446
  • Nikolina Brnić, dipl. oec., Senior Expert Associate on the project STEM Eco&Energetics
    Telefon: +385 (0)494 446


International Cooperation Office
 College of Slavonski Brod
 Dr. Mile Budaka 1


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