Professional practice

Professional practice is a compulsory and integral part of the teaching process at all undergraduate professional and specialist graduate professional studies of the College. Students are referred to professional practice in accordance with the study program implementation plan. The Book of Regulations on Professional Practice regulates the goals and organization of professional practice, student obligations, content of professional practice, mentoring, guidance and other issues related to the professional practice of students at the College of Slavonski Brod. By completing of student practice, students expand their knowledge related to profession which the company or institution deals with, and also develop business responsibility, communication skills and teamwork, what will certainly contribute to the learning outcomes of their study program. During the student practice, students are introduced with the way of work, the most common problems and solutions in companies and institutions, from which the topics of final and graduate thesis can arise. Planning, organization and other activities related to the implementation of professional practice are carried out by the head of professional practice, who is appointed for each department at the College of Slavonski Brod. Students of Agricultural Department also take part in professional practice at agronomic centre in Slobodnica, which the College of Slavonski Brod has at its disposal. Professional practice ensures the quality and secure transfer of knowledge, ensuring excellent inputs raising students' level of competence and competitiveness in the labour market.


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