Quality assurance system

The quality management system of the College of Slavonski Brod is based on compliance with the requirements of all relevant regulations in the field of science and higher education, as well as Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area.

College of Slavonski Brod is focused on the continuous improvement of its processes in order to ensure satisfaction of all users of services. The key document defining the quality area at the College is a Book of Regulations on the Organization and Operation of the Quality Assurance System (2015). The organizational chart of the quality system is shown in the figure below.


College of Slavonski Brod, by continuously improving and ensuring the quality of higher education and its own activity within the existing study programs, and by initiating, organizing and conducting new professional studies in accordance with the needs of the economy and the labor market and conducting various forms of lifelong education, in an effort to acquire the status of a scientific institution, promotes the importance of, purposefulness and recognition of vocational higher education with the aim of permanent transfer of knowledge and achievement of social relevance of professional studies and qualifications in the field of activity.


To position the College of Slavonski Brod as a modern higher education institution with recognizable forms of professional and lifelong education and as a center of excellence in professional higher education, scientific and professional activity and research in the field of activity.


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