Student choir

The name of the Student Association is a Student Choir of the College of Slavonski Brod.

The short name is VUSB Student Choir.

In international relations, the Student Choir of the College of Slavonski Brod performs under the English name Student Union of the University of Applied Sciences in Slavonski Brod.

The short name of the international version is Student Union of VUSB.

The basic tasks of the Student Council are:

  • student participation in the governing bodies of the College,
  • election of student representatives to the Professional Council and other bodies of the College,
  • electing student representatives in appropriate organizations, institutions and companies founded by the College,
  • taking care of the quality of the students life, especially the quality of the study process, the student standard, the exercise of student rights and other issues relevant to students,
  • proposing a plan for financing student activities to the key bodies of the College,
  • encouraging extracurricular activities of students,
  • performing other tasks of interest for students,
  • giving incentives to enact or change regulations of interest for students.

Social networks: Facebook

President: Vinko Lackovic,

Student Attorney: Ivona Đurđević,


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